2017 JKF Gojukai Seminars Grading and Championships

A massive weekend of Karate  2 day JKF Gojukai Seminars and Testing followed by the National Championships . After 2 days of great training ,a nervous wait for Testing late Saturday afternoon saw , Steve Vongthevanh         Livio Pizzin      Scott Smith    Jake Lapuz

Adrianna Widmer     Tiana Todorovic     Herman Van Dyk    Joshua Lapuz

Successfully  Graded to 1st Dan JKF Gojukai

Also everyone that competed   Well Done

Will update with all the results ASAP



Seminars 2017

Fairfield Public School 25th February   8.30-11.30am

JKF Gojukai Seminars March 31st  – 1st April

Grading Saturday 1st April

Tournament  2nd April

Japan/Omagari  July 26-1st August

JKF Gojukai Seminars 3rd and 4th August

Tournament 5th August

Karate Resumes 2017

Hi Fellow Karateka

Class Resume Dates ; Bossley Park Dojo  Thursday 2nd February

Fairfield Dojo Wednesday 1st February

Marrickville Dojo Sunday 29th January

Alexandria  Dojo Tuesday 7th February

Maroubra Dojo Friday 3rd   February

Erskineville Dojo Wednesday 8th February

December Gradings 2016

Hi fellow Karateka,

Congratulations to all my students at Maroubra and Bossley Park/Fairfied Dojos that passed their grades on 2nd & 10th December respectively. A special thank you to Scott Read Sensei (Brisbane) for being on the grading panel.

Assistance by Shihan Frank Agius, Sensei Paul Keen, Senseis David& Jake, and all my Black Belt students is much appreciated.

Special recognition of achievements by Livio Pizzin and Arnel Sisic for their Shodan Seiwaki/Shuseikan.

Looking forward to an even more amazing 2017

Mario Borg Shihan






2016 JKF Gojukai Seminars , Grading and Tournament

The 2016 JKF Gojukai seminar was held in Brisbane on the 8,9 and 10th April
Brilliant seminar with some of Japans Highest ranked masters Saito, Fushimi, Fujiwara, Tada and Ishida.
As all ways a good time was had by all and as usual high quality instruction after two days of intense training grading was held late Saturday afternoon.
Where Vee Seckin graded to JKF Gojukai 3rd Dan, David Schlesinger to JKF GojuKai 1st Dan and on a personal note I was promoted to the rank of 5th Dan Shihan.

David Schlesinger represented our club well and contested the over forties kumite and won first place convincingly against some very tough opposition. He also came second in the male open kumite against much younger competitors with some strong goju versus sports karate.
Dave also place 2nd overall in open black belt kata.